Could there be a more fitting word for the first entry in our THOUGHTS & WORDS series? I think not! Each Monday on the Thoughts & Words section of the blog we’ll be focusing on a single subject or source of inspiration. A little food for thought to hopefully light your creative spark.

Back to BEGINNINGS, obviously there are a lot of new things starting for Luke and I. Things are shifting, transitioning, evolving. There is something so exciting and nerve-racking about BEGINNINGS. Your eyes are wide open and the world is full of possibility and potential. You know you are on the edge of something. The best beginnings bring the feeling that your world is about to change.

It can be scary to begin. It requires trust and desire to be stronger than your fear. You might be vulnerable and raw. As they say, every journey begins with a single step. You’ve got to take the step to start. Sometimes that is the hardest part. I like to think of beginnings as a chance to shed your skin. There is nothing like a fresh start. Let yourself have one!

A beginning in life is like an intro to a song. The intros are always my favorite part! They draw you in and you’re unsure as to where the song is going to go. They make you excited about what you will hear next. The set the tone and build the anticipation.

Sometimes a beginning is simply a moment. I encourage you to bring awareness to the moments you feel things beginning, big or small.
And suddenly you know. It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginningsEckhart Tolle

Tell us, what is beginning for you? What steps are you taking on your personal/artistic journey?