Try something NEW today!

Over the last two weeks we posted a few different ways to get yourself out of creative rut. Collaboration with others, and working with limitations. Keeping on that train, a really easy way to stretch your creative habits is to TRY SOMETHING NEW! Duh, right? It’s a common sense, simple, and accessible option. But really, how often do you try new things? You know you’ve got a project you’ve always wanted to try, something crafty collecting dust somewhere. Maybe today’s the day.

I love a yard sale/thrift store/church fair/bargain hunt. You never know what you are going to find. Amazing tchotchkes? The ugliest sweater in the world? Or maybe the basis for your next project? Every year my parents church has a winter holiday fair. My mom goes cookie crazy and helps make 800 dozen cookies (not a typo!). At last year’s fair we visited my mom at the sweat shop bake shop, then set out rummaging.

After searching around most the rooms of the church with little luck we spotted it: a JUMBO Wood Burning Kit! Like a moth to a flame we were drawn to it. Was it the bright packaging? Was it the bold font? The sense of danger? Who knows! All we knew was that we had to have it. $1.00 later this baby was coming on home with us. We didn’t know (nor care) if it it worked.

Woodburning Kit

The kit spent a few months collecting dust before I finally pulled it out and gave it a try. Turns out: it works! I’m still getting used to the technique, and I’m not that good at it (yet?). It’s something I probably would’ve never tried if it wasn’t for that cheeseball packaging and irresistibly cheap price. But it’s my new art affair. It gets me out of my creative comfort zone. It forces me to slow down and focus on being consistent and precise. That’s not my artistic style; I’m usually abstract and squiggly all the way.AND it smells good! Weird, right?
If you decide to to try wood burning I recommend just goin’ for it. Learn by doing. Take a little time to practice on a sample piece of wood before you dive into a “real” project – get used to the hand pressure and line technique. Don’t put too much pressure on the tool, you could bend the tip and damage it (insert dirty joke here). Go slowly – consistency is key!

Obligatory disclaimer
Safety first people, a wood burning tool is very hot! Be careful and make sure nothing that could melt is near by.

I am excited to explore this new hobby a bit more. I’ve been drooling over so many cool, inspiring projects in my research. After hearing about our church fair find my father-in-law gifted me with some new wood burning tools. New toys! A perfect excuse to try something new.

Here’s some of my first wood burning doodles. Just trying to make shapes and getting used to the angle of the tool.

Struck bargain hunt gold lately? Any NEW hobbies or projects going on? Share them with us using #rabblepic!

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