Tomatoes Three Ways

Dare I say it? Summer is all about the tomato! There is nothing better than a tomato fresh off the garden vine. That smell, that taste, those colors! Oh la la it’s a sensory experience to be had. We’ve loved seeing all the different tomato varieties at the Durham Farmer’s Market (they even had a tomato tasting a few weeks ago).

We’re not the only ones obsessing over summertime tomatoey goodness. Nashville has an annual Tomato Art Fest! If you happen to find yourself in Nashville this weekend be sure to check it out! You can view the ‘Biggest – Littlest – Ugliest Tomato Contest’, go bobbing for tomatoes, hear some tomato inspired poetry, and see tomato inspired art of all kinds!

Since we’ve been crushing (pun intended) on tomatoes lately we decided to make a little tribute video, demonstrating three ways to “prepare” a tomato. No culinary arts involved, but the music is suitably fresh and local; you can find the full song (“Frenchie”) on Durham’s own Beauty World‘s recently released self-titled album.

Have some fun with your food this weekend and soak in that sweet summertime flavor while you can! No matter how you swing it, a January tomato will never be a July tomato.

Oh, and speaking of tomato poetry…

Ode To Tomatoes

by Pablo Neruda

The street filled with tomatoes, midday, summer, light is halved like a tomato, its juice runs through the streets. In December, unabated, the tomato invades the kitchen, it enters at lunchtime, takes its ease on countertops, among glasses, butter dishes, blue saltcellars. It sheds its own light, benign majesty. Unfortunately, we must murder it: the knife sinks into living flesh, red viscera a cool sun, profound, inexhaustible, populates the salads of Chile, happily, it is wed to the clear onion, and to celebrate the union we pour oil, essential child of the olive, onto its halved hemispheres, pepper adds its fragrance, salt, its magnetism; it is the wedding of the day, parsley hoists its flag, potatoes bubble vigorously, the aroma of the roast knocks at the door, it's time! come on! and, on the table, at the midpoint of summer, the tomato, star of earth, recurrent and fertile star, displays its convolutions, its canals, its remarkable amplitude and abundance, no pit, no husk, no leaves or thorns, the tomato offers its gift of fiery color and cool completeness

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