Hollow Secret Book

Who doesn’t love a secret hiding place? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the mystery and magic of the idea. A place to hide your secrets, your stash, your special memories. Plus, you get to be sneaky! I am a bit of a sentimental hoarder and have quite a few memory boxes filled with little snapshot moments in my life. I’ve always loved stories of people finding long forgotten secret hiding places. Treasures and memories in their floor boards or rafters.

My dream house would definitely have a secret passage or that room behind a book case like all the murder mystery mansions. I am still enchanted by the idea of things hidden in plain sight so I decided to tackle a project that has been on my list for awhile (after reading some tutorials I found on Pinterest)

Hollowed Out Book
Supplies – book, pencil, ruler, exacto knife or box cutter, paint brush, plastic wrap and Mod Podge.

  • Step 1: Find the point in the book where you want your secret hidey-hole to be. This is where you will start cutting. I started mine at 50 pages. Separate those pages from the rest and wrap them in plastic wrap.
  • Step 2: Close the book and grab your paint brush. Paint Mod Podge on the exposed outside edges of the book. Next, place some heavy objects on the book and let it dry for about an hour.
  • Step 4: Open the book bust out your ruler and pencil. Measure at least a half inch border around each edge of the top page.
  • Step 5: Start cutting. A few pages at a time. Continue cutting. A few pages at a time. This is the most time consuming and tedious part of the project. I did mine in two days. The slower and more careful you go the better. In hindsight, I should have been a bit more patient with the cutting. The old delicate pages in this book did not do me any favors. I like how the final product came out and don’t mind the look of the uneven edges. FYI there will be little paper bits everywhere!
  • Step 6: Glue time again. Glue the inside edges and bottom of the hidey-hole as well as the edges of the top of the page. Remove the plastic wrap Let the glue dry once again with the heavy object placed on top.
  • Step 7: Last part! Open the book, cut the page that is glued on top of the hole. Neat and clean.

Hide your secrets and slip them on your book shelf!