Abstract Watercolor Prints

Recently, Luke and I were talking about ART/CREATIVITY being about the doing and not about the final product. It’s all about the creative process, baby! For me, nothing embodies this idea at a basic level more than a good old fashioned coloring session. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably caught onto the trend of coloring for grown ups. At Rabble & Twine we’re all about an activity that makes art feel approachable. And let’s be real, coloring is about as approachable as it gets! You did it when you were a wee young thing. Why not dust off the old Crayolas and take them for a spin?

If coloring in the lines isn’t for you—or you want to let things get a little more free-form—allow me to share another activity that’s easy, approachable, and in the same sort of vein as coloring. The project: simple pen and ink doodles with watercolors on top. Watercolors are kind of having a moment right now, and you can find a whole bunch of tutorials and tips on Pintrest if you want to explore/learn all about it.

One of our main objectives for Rabble & Twine is encouraging people to start infusing their daily lives with more creativity activities. Opening eyes and minds to the idea of trying a new artistic venture. This is a great place to start!


  • Paper – I like to use a watercolor sketch pad but you don’t have to. A thicker piece of paper is probably better.
  • Pen – Something that won’t bleed when you put watercolors over it, unless that’s what you are going for.
  • Watercolor paints
  • Cup of water and a paint brush

…and then

Pick up your pen and just free form doodle. Channel your former bored-in-history-class self. No planning—no thinking—just doing!


After doodling, go over your drawing with watercolor paints and let dry. Bonus: they end up looking a lot fancier than they actually are! They make great gifts – wall art or cards! I tend to go more abstract. Of course, you can plan ahead and do something more purposeful. I encourage you to let go and see what comes out.

It’s a fun way to unwind, and a great activity to do with your friends, kids, or all by your lonesome. Art therapists will tell you coloring (and similar artsy activities) is good for stress release. It takes you out of your head and shifts your focus to what you are actively doing. Based on personal experience, I fully believe in the therapeutic power of art and using it as a catalyst for workin’ your shiz out. There’s that certain point where I get immersed in the action and a sense of calm washes over me. Things get still, and quiet…If I could bottle that feeling I’d be a millionaire!

Just remember that the creative act is doing the thing. Don’t beat yourself up over the final product. Let yourself experiment and see what happens. It is a process, and a practice, and you’ll get “better” the more you do it. If you’ve been out of the art game a while, these abstract watercolor prints are a nice way to dip your toe back into the artistic pool.
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