New Life / an inanimate hug – a playlist

HELLO! Spring has sprung and new things are on the horizon. We’ve got plans in the works and we’re jumping back on this writing/sharing/art making train! So we figured it might be time to embrace our inner creativity cheerleader once again and encourage everyone to jump back in with us. Who doesn’t want a small push and a chance to express themselves in new and different ways?! Sometimes that means turning to new sources to fuel your inspiration.

With that in mind, we bring you our first ever curated playlist! Our friend Jesse does mix tapes and mixed drinks better than most people I know. He’ll be sharing his expertise with us as a monthly feature! I’ve greatly benefited from both these special talents for years – so I know we are in for a treat! Ooh la la! Something delicious for your ears and your belly as you chase inspiration. Think of it as a soundtrack for your creative acts. No cocktail this month so sip on whatever tastes right to you! In the future, we’ll hit you up with a sip and listen combo. The theme for this month’s compilation was NEW BEGINNINGS!


This mix consists of songs that reflect the feeling of “new”; the concept of changing your world, your life, your habits in an effort to shed that tired old skin to find the fresh, vibrant stuff underneath. We all do this habitually, often without even noticing it. These songs reflect that journey. Whether you are creatively stifled or creatively charged, this mix is meant to chronicle the process of shedding that lived-in skin for a newer model. From the initial want and need to start anew (track 1: “Change” – you’re not there yet, you need to tell yourself you can before you actually do it) to the act of following through with it (“Smalltown Boy” – goodbye to the life you were used to, hello to something different whether you’re ready for it or not) to the self doubt and resignation that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be (“Vienna” – you feel completely alone, you only have your own choices to reflect on, you indulge in that somber feeling of rawness where the harsh wind hits you in the face and you just have to go with it) to that final, hands in the air acknowledgement that what happens will most certainly happen and control over that uncertainty is ridiculous. You need to let go and let the change take you where it may (“Follow Your Bliss”).

Whether literal or figurative, these songs are crafted to follow you along and give energy to your choices. Inspired completely by the Rabble & Twine ethos of starting fresh in order to face new people, new images and new challenges. These are all things that could never be obtained by settling in for the long haul on that old comfy couch. Face the change and get embraced by that hug of whatever once looked completely still to you but now has new life and meaning.

Track Listing
  1. Change – Tears for Fears
  2. Cherry-coloured Funk – Cocteau Twins
  3. Electricity – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
  4. Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat
  5. My New Boyfriend – Carly Simon
  6. Breath of Life – Erasure
  7. Change of Heart – Cyndi Lauper
  8. Never Stop – Erasure
  9. A New Career in a New Town – David Bowie
  10. Vienna – Ultravox
  11. New Dress – Depeche Mode
  12. New World – Bjork
  13. Follow Your Bliss – The B-52s

Please drink responsibly. Make art recklessly.

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