NC Trip

We can’t believe that what a whirlwind tour of Durham our trip was. Definitely, a fast, fun, five days! It was interesting to try and see the place through “future home vision”.

We managed to explore quite a bit driving/walking all over hell and creation the city. We loved sight seeing around town checking out the different areas and neighborhoods. We found a little time to get out into some green spaces while we there too!

Eno River
Eno River

We ate our way through the city for sure! There is a reason it is on all those foodie lists. Our Airbnb host, Jeff, had lots of great suggestions for places to explore and eat. Here are the food and drink highlights. Honestly, we didn’t have one poor food experience when we were in town it was hard to pick favorites!

We feel the excitement and anticipation building for our move. The fantasy visions of our future life there are feeling more real! We love the general vibe and sense of community in Durham. We could feel it just in the few days we were there. We went to movies in the park we watched a movie in the city park: “1930s and 1960s” we were impressed there was such a big crowd. As we toured around, so many places and spaces sparked ideas for creative projects.

Ever checked out the Picnic Dome?
Picnic Dome at Durham Museum of Life and Science
We discovered that the dome outside the Museum of Life + Science has a wicked echo. I’ve only schemes of how it could be used. For now here’s a bit of how the echo sounds:

Our main goal besides getting a feel for the town was to find a place to live. It ate up some of our tourist time, but mission accomplished – house hunt success! We found a cute little house in the Old Five Points neighborhood. Wowza, shiz is getting real! We. are. moving. We had a lovely time in the city, and are really looking forward to exploring it more once we settle in.