Living Room – Dances

Anna, here! I use this area of my living room to choreograph. I love the ritual of opening up the floor by rolling up the rug. Feeling the wooden boards beneath my feet and looking out the window seeing the trees across the way. The mirror is helpful and it is nice be surrounded by special trinkets on the mantle. It’s clear, cozy and comforting.

My company rehearses in a traditional dance studio. Sometimes I make material there but the space just doesn’t have the same feeling for me.

While on the subject of dancing in your home, my family loves to boogie down in the kitchen! I pretty much advocate dancing in any room, at any time but there is something about a good old fashioned kitchen dance party that just feels right!  .

Where do you dance? Tell us in the comments below!

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    1. Luke here! My favorite place to dance is in the kitchen while doing the dishes. It’s a good excuse to listen to guilty-pleasure music, and our floor is just slippery enough go make dramatic slides to the pantry to put away tupperware.

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