Inspiration in Nature: Into the Woods

Spring has finally arrived here in Providence, and it is beautiful! After being cooped up all winter (under piles and piles of snow) its time to get outside. There’s nothing like a change in the season to shake things up.

The first warm weekend here we joined a friend on a visit to a local state park. We got to talking about how walking through the woods evokes a unique feeling of solitude. That moment, a little ways down the trail, when you welcome isolation and find comfort in the feeling of being slightly lost and alone.

Som eTrees

The woods are mysterious and magical. For me, walking in nature is moving meditation. The quiet brings clarity.

I recently heard the shocking fact that kids nowadays only spend an average of 4 to 7 minutes a day outside. Sad and scary! What do you think of that?

Keep close to natures heart
And break clear away
Once in a while
And climb a mountain
Or spend a week in the woods
Wash your spirit clean
John Muir