Winter Art

Hello and Happy December! With the Winter Solstice approaching we decided to share some of our favorite examples of winter artwork to ring in the new season! Even though December is crazy and the holidays make us rush around with stress like headless chickens after the holiday storm the new year brings with it a… Read More

Creative Pep Talk!

If you’re looking for a creative pep talk I can’t recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear enough. Yeah we know, self-help-ish books aren’t everyone’s flavor, but it’s basically written into Rabble & Twine’s mission to give a creative pep talk to the world. And I for one have been needing a pep… Read More

Art vs Craft

Part of what we’re looking to do here at Rabble & Twine is shine a light at what it means to be an artistic/creative real live person in the ever changing landscape of art in our society. Myth bust what it means to be creative in this crazy world. Recently, I was listening to The… Read More

Try something NEW today!

Over the last two weeks we posted a few different ways to get yourself out of creative rut. Collaboration with others, and working with limitations. Keeping on that train, a really easy way to stretch your creative habits is to TRY SOMETHING NEW! Duh, right? It’s a common sense, simple, and accessible option. But really,… Read More

Art for the Long Haul

Today is our wedding anniversary and love is in the air! In honor of the day we thought we’d share some projects that—like this partnership—are in it for the LONG haul. The only project Luke and I have that is ongoing (besides Rabble & Twine, the biggest project of them all) are photo books of… Read More

Embracing Limitation

After sharing last weeks post on collaboration, I’ve been thinking about other ways to get oneself out of a creative rut. It sucks to feel stuck. If I’m choreographing and hit a road block, or I’m just not feeling that inspired, one of my go to – JUST MAKE SOMETHING ALREADY – tools is to… Read More


Today, I thought I’d share a few general thoughts on collaboration. One of our hopes for the future of Rabble & Twine is to use collaboration as a tool to build an innovative creative community. I may be beating a dead horse here (grossest saying ever?) since it seems like everything has already been written… Read More

Rituals and Routines

I stumbled across this article from the Washington Post that gives the hour by hour break down of the routines some of the most creative people in history. Since I read it, I’ve been thinking more and more about rituals and routines and how they relate to the creative process/creativity in general. I am someone… Read More


It seems like everywhere I look people I know are going through transitional periods in their lives. After waiting forever for spring to show up in Providence our seasons are turning over again as summer rolls in. My mom recently retired. Friends of mine are starting and finishing graduate school. Other people I know are getting married, having… Read More


We just started our Rabble & Twine Instagram (Holla! @rabbleandtwine) and it’s got us thinking about all different kinds of snapshots that are floating around out there. The evolution of how we document our lives and the art in our lives. Nowadays, we take more photos every two minutes then all of the photos taken… Read More