Abstract Watercolor Prints

Recently, Luke and I were talking about ART/CREATIVITY being about the doing and not about the final product. It’s all about the creative process, baby! For me, nothing embodies this idea at a basic level more than a good old fashioned coloring session. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably caught onto the… Read More

Larkspur – Full Circle – Part Two

If you saw last week’s post, you learned about the original ideas for Larkspur’s final project “Full Circle.” Over the weekend we had our video shoot. It was an amazing day! Luke and I can’t wait to start putting the final cut together. Unfortunately, with all the packing/moving/real life stuff we’ve got going on we’ve… Read More

Larkspur – Full Circle – Part One

I am finishing up my last project with Larkspur before the big move. A dance film! I am psyched about this ambitious undertaking. The shoot date approaching signifies the of the end of Larkspur as we know it. Our relationships are transforming once again. I think the sentimentality of this transformation is embodied in the… Read More

Dip Dye Creative Art Journal

Dear Journal, I have been keeping a journal on and off for three years now. It helps me clear my head and let everything out. Seriously, full-on middle school for my eyes only! I would never be brave enough to do Mortified!. Unfortunately, it’s a really difficult hobby for me. When life gets busy it’s the first… Read More

Smoke Ring Video

Check out this cool video Luke and I made of smoke rings! A few years ago, we discovered smoke ring guns (everyone got one for Christmas). Not only do they look all kinds of cool, they make a pretty amazing 1950’s B-movie sci-fi sound effect. We made this smoke ring video as part of projection for a dance… Read More

Hollow Secret Book

Who doesn’t love a secret hiding place? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the mystery and magic of the idea. A place to hide your secrets, your stash, your special memories. Plus, you get to be sneaky! I am a bit of a sentimental hoarder and have quite a few memory boxes filled… Read More