Put A Bird On It

The last weekend in April was the Durham Art Walk! Obviously, community art events are right up our alley so we jumped at the chance to get involved. It just so happened that Prompts, a community art series we’ve performed with before, was holding a special event just for the art walk. Prompts on a… Read More


Mugs for all occasions! Mugs to match your mood! Mugs galore! Coffee mugs are our sole sanctioned hoarding passion. We’ve started a collection of weird state mugs and we’re on the quest to get all 50. Yes, we’re those people hunting thrift stores and garage sales on the look out for strange tourist mugs. Did… Read More

A performance of Surrender

Last Friday marked our first performance out in the world since moving to NC! We were one of the groups who presented a work at Prompts, a community art event organized by Justin Tornow/COMPANY and hosted by The Carrack. How the show works: The prompt is announced and you’re given a month to work on… Read More

Make It Monday – Branch Art Installation

Boom! Blast from the past: we’re bringing back a Make it Monday feature this week! We’re sharing a little something we made for our walls. WHAT WE MADE WHY WE MADE IT Ever since we moved into our NC house Luke and I have been struck by just how beige the walls are in here.… Read More

Make It Monday – Week 4 – Autumnal Rain Dance

Our chance to see the lunar eclipse was spoiled by dreary weather here in Durham, NC. For this week’s dance/video improv project we spurned celestial inspiration for the music of Lost Trail and the earthy smell of rainy fall days. Welcome to the fourth and final installment of the September MAKE IT MONDAY series! We… Read More

Make It Monday – Seasonal Addition – Week Three

Welcome to the third installment of MAKE IT MONDAY! Luke and I were traveling this weekend to a wedding so we knew our Make it Monday would have to be something that didn’t absorb much time. We’re always looking to try something new and expand our creative outlet so when my sister suggested a glass… Read More

Rainy Days And Make It Mondays – Week Two

Hello, hello and here we go with the second edition of our MAKE IT MONDAY series! If you saw last week’s tile video project, you know we’re all about bright, bold, colors. This week, we kept things in the same colorful vein by makin’ it rain! Makin’ it rain emojis! Try it out! Click the… Read More

Make It Monday – Labor Day Edition

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend (if you happened to have the day off) and said goodbye to summer in whatever way you know how! Without further ado, here’s the skinny on the first ever Make It Monday project! Let’s start things off with a good beat and flashing lights colors. If you missed what… Read More

Try something NEW today!

Over the last two weeks we posted a few different ways to get yourself out of creative rut. Collaboration with others, and working with limitations. Keeping on that train, a really easy way to stretch your creative habits is to TRY SOMETHING NEW! Duh, right? It’s a common sense, simple, and accessible option. But really,… Read More

Tomatoes Three Ways

Dare I say it? Summer is all about the tomato! There is nothing better than a tomato fresh off the garden vine. That smell, that taste, those colors! Oh la la it’s a sensory experience to be had. We’ve loved seeing all the different tomato varieties at the Durham Farmer’s Market (they even had a… Read More