Year in Review – R&T is ONE!

Hello Hello strangers! Holy guacamole! This week marks the one year anniversary of this lil old blog here. Happy blog birthday R&T! It’s been a while since we posted. What can I say? We fell hard into hibernation mode as winter flew past and 2016 lost some of it’s sparkly new year shine. We needed… Read More

New Life / an inanimate hug – a playlist

HELLO! Spring has sprung and new things are on the horizon. We’ve got plans in the works and we’re jumping back on this writing/sharing/art making train! So we figured it might be time to embrace our inner creativity cheerleader once again and encourage everyone to jump back in with us. Who doesn’t want a small… Read More

Happy New Year! Artistic Resolutions for 2016

Happy 2016! As we enter into a fresh and shiny new year, we figured why not jump on the resolution bandwagon! Usually, Luke and I aren’t big New Year’s resolution people. I don’t think you should need a new year to roll around to make a resolution. Why wait till your calendar runs out of… Read More

Adventures in Authenticity

Recently, that Brene Brown quote has been ringing true in my ears. I guess you could say that the transition to fall and a fuller plate brought us some early blog/work/life growing pains, and all the wonderful “a ha” moments that come along with learning those lessons. The role of authenticity in artistic expression is… Read More

Make It Monday – Wrap Up

As our first monthly series Make It Monday comes to a close we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on our findings. When we first introduced this series our goal was to shake off the fall doldrums and cultivating a deeper personal creative practice. I think we achieved these things. One of the main… Read More

Cultivating Personal Practice

The beginning of September is always a little bit rough for me. That gray area transition time between seasons. I get the end of summer blues, even though it’s technically still summer (FYI the equinox is September 23rd). Maybe it’s all the time I spent as a student, or the nature of my job as… Read More

Vacation Time!

As summer draws to a close (how did that happen!?) we’re off to one of our favorite places to relax, unwind, and unplug from the world. We’ll be camping in the woods of Maine! Swimming in a freezing beautiful lake, hanging with family, paddling a canoe, eating s’mores, and getting inspired by the woods. We’re… Read More

NC or Bust!

Hello Dear Readers, Greetings from beautiful NC! Many miles traveled, many boxes left to unpack – we made it! It is not even real that we live here! Since we’ve been so busy packing/unpacking and preparing to move/actually moving things have been light on the blog side of life lately. Fear not! Now that we’re… Read More

NC Trip

We can’t believe that what a whirlwind tour of Durham our trip was. Definitely, a fast, fun, five days! It was interesting to try and see the place through “future home vision”. We managed to explore quite a bit driving/walking all over hell and creation the city. We loved sight seeing around town checking out… Read More

Engagement Story!

This weekend contained the anniversary of the day Luke and I got engaged! Luke and I aren’t too sentimental when it comes to anniversaries . We really celebrate on our wedding anniversary, but still we like to take a moment to acknowledge the milestone markers in our relationship. It was Memorial Day weekend 2010. Luke surprised me with… Read More