An Interview With: Sarah Seagrave

It’s one of our key beliefs here at Rabble & Twine that art and art-making are good for workin’ your shit out the soul. Obviously, we know this from personal experience, but HEY why not ask an expert? Lucky for me, I just so happen to have one in my family! My super smart, gorgeous,… Read More

Featured Project: Operator by Sam Barnett

Update! Sam managed to reach his goal! Episode 2 has been funded. We can’t wait to see the result Making a chair takes time. And wood. And nails. Somebody’s got to front the $$$ before you plop your keister on down and turn on the tv. But what about what you watch? Sometimes we forget… Read More

An Interview With: Lost Trail

A few weeks ago we headed out to the Carrboro Music Festival and had the opportunity to sit down and interview local band Lost Trail. Lost trail is a collaboration between Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa, a husband and wife duo from Burlington, NC. You may remember we used their music for our Make… Read More

An Interview With: Kevin Shea Adams

Today we share a chat with Brooklyn based photographer/musician/writer Kevin Shea Adams. You might have seen his work such places as Paper, VICE, or in the freaking New York Times. He’s legit and acts likes he’s not. Kevin was in the same year as me at Mills college, a fellow electronic music student. He tended… Read More

An Interview With: Michelle Kicherer

Michelle and I first became friends while working at a school in California. Ya know how the universe sometimes connects you with people you were meant to meet? Thanks universe for bringing me Michelle. We quickly bonded over our shared sense of humor and quirky imaginations. Michelle and I have cleaned out a pantry filled… Read More

An Interview With: Skye Zentz

In today’s interview, we chat with a lovely ukulele lady! Singer/songwriter and all around creative entrepreneur Skye Zentz. Skye is a fixture of the Hampton Roads music scene, and a grassroots art ambassador, playing shows in concert halls, nursing homes, coffeehouses and even online. Her love song to her city “The Tide” has been generating… Read More

Luke Selden

Today for your reading pleasure, we bring you an interview with the second co-founder of Rable & Twine: Luke Selden. A musician and video artist, Luke describes himself as a researcher, experimentalist and tinkerer at heart. Luke is all about dissecting projects and seeing how they work. Growing up in southeast Virginia, Luke followed his sister into the… Read More

Anna Seagrave

A while back my friend Kelly interviewed me for her blog, WINTER MOON. In said blog, Kelly and her friend Olivia share their musing on life and the happenings around Providence, including interviewing interesting people in the area. Luke and I decided to adopt this great idea ourselves, but with our own twist. Inspired by… Read More