M.C. Escher

This weekend Luke and I headed out to the North Carolina Art Museum to see their exhibit The Worlds of M.C. Escher: Nature, Science, and Imagination. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, so we knew it would be packed but holy shit – it was insane! I overheard a docent saying there had been 1,067… Read More

In C @ The Carrack

This week I went to hear Terry Riley’s In C performed at The Carrack by members of the Raleigh New Music Ensemble. (If you don’t know about the piece there’s the obligatory Wikipedia entry, or you can hear Radiolab’s take on it). Hatin’ People in ‘serious’ music circles like to hate on In C. It’s… Read More

Muse Masquerade & More!

Last weekend we had a great time at the Muse Masquerade, a fundraiser for local art gallery/space The Carrack. They did a great job pulling in a bunch of different performers/artists, and there were some pretty cool costumes to be found in the sold-out crowd. Beauty World (who lent music to our Tomatos Three Ways… Read More