Luke Selden

Today for your reading pleasure, we bring you an interview with the second co-founder of Rable & Twine: Luke Selden. A musician and video artist, Luke describes himself as a researcher, experimentalist and tinkerer at heart. Luke is all about dissecting projects and seeing how they work. Growing up in southeast Virginia, Luke followed his sister into the… Read More

Smoke Ring Video

Check out this cool video Luke and I made of smoke rings! A few years ago, we discovered smoke ring guns (everyone got one for Christmas). Not only do they look all kinds of cool, they make a pretty amazing 1950’s B-movie sci-fi sound effect. We made this smoke ring video as part of projection for a dance… Read More

Anna Seagrave

A while back my friend Kelly interviewed me for her blog, WINTER MOON. In said blog, Kelly and her friend Olivia share their musing on life and the happenings around Providence, including interviewing interesting people in the area. Luke and I decided to adopt this great idea ourselves, but with our own twist. Inspired by… Read More


Could there be a more fitting word for the first entry in our THOUGHTS & WORDS series? I think not! Each Monday on the Thoughts & Words section of the blog we’ll be focusing on a single subject or source of inspiration. A little food for thought to hopefully light your creative spark. Back to… Read More

First Post! Our Story

Cue the trumpets and the fanfare – blogging – here we go! To start things off we thought we’d share bit of our back-story and how Rabble & Twine was born. Luke and I met and fell in love in graduate school at Mills College in Oakland, California. Oh the beautiful Bay Area, an artists’… Read More