In C @ The Carrack

This week I went to hear Terry Riley’s In C performed at The Carrack by members of the Raleigh New Music Ensemble. (If you don’t know about the piece there’s the obligatory Wikipedia entry, or you can hear Radiolab’s take on it). Hatin’ People in ‘serious’ music circles like to hate on In C. It’s… Read More

Make It Monday – Wrap Up

As our first monthly series Make It Monday comes to a close we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on our findings. When we first introduced this series our goal was to shake off the fall doldrums and cultivating a deeper personal creative practice. I think we achieved these things. One of the main… Read More

Rainy Days And Make It Mondays – Week Two

Hello, hello and here we go with the second edition of our MAKE IT MONDAY series! If you saw last week’s tile video project, you know we’re all about bright, bold, colors. This week, we kept things in the same colorful vein by makin’ it rain! Makin’ it rain emojis! Try it out! Click the… Read More

An Interview With: Kevin Shea Adams

Today we share a chat with Brooklyn based photographer/musician/writer Kevin Shea Adams. You might have seen his work such places as Paper, VICE, or in the freaking New York Times. He’s legit and acts likes he’s not. Kevin was in the same year as me at Mills college, a fellow electronic music student. He tended… Read More

An Interview With: Skye Zentz

In today’s interview, we chat with a lovely ukulele lady! Singer/songwriter and all around creative entrepreneur Skye Zentz. Skye is a fixture of the Hampton Roads music scene, and a grassroots art ambassador, playing shows in concert halls, nursing homes, coffeehouses and even online. Her love song to her city “The Tide” has been generating… Read More


We just started our Rabble & Twine Instagram (Holla! @rabbleandtwine) and it’s got us thinking about all different kinds of snapshots that are floating around out there. The evolution of how we document our lives and the art in our lives. Nowadays, we take more photos every two minutes then all of the photos taken… Read More


Some friends of mine recently released “Outsider Songs”, a collection of covers. The original artists are recognizable (Duran Duran!), but the songs are more obscure.  It got me thinking quite a bit about songs that are literally under sung. It reminded me of Luke MacNeil’s – ‘These Are Good Songs’, another curated selection of covers, as… Read More