Rituals and Routines

I stumbled across this article from the Washington Post that gives the hour by hour break down of the routines some of the most creative people in history. Since I read it, I’ve been thinking more and more about rituals and routines and how they relate to the creative process/creativity in general. I am someone… Read More

NC Trip

We can’t believe that what a whirlwind tour of Durham our trip was. Definitely, a fast, fun, five days! It was interesting to try and see the place through “future home vision”. We managed to explore quite a bit driving/walking all over hell and creation the city. We loved sight seeing around town checking out… Read More

Engagement Story!

This weekend contained the anniversary of the day Luke and I got engaged! Luke and I aren’t too sentimental when it comes to anniversaries . We really celebrate on our wedding anniversary, but still we like to take a moment to acknowledge the milestone markers in our relationship. It was Memorial Day weekend 2010. Luke surprised me with… Read More


It seems like everywhere I look people I know are going through transitional periods in their lives. After waiting forever for spring to show up in Providence our seasons are turning over again as summer rolls in. My mom recently retired. Friends of mine are starting and finishing graduate school. Other people I know are getting married, having… Read More

Dip Dye Creative Art Journal

Dear Journal, I have been keeping a journal on and off for three years now. It helps me clear my head and let everything out. Seriously, full-on middle school for my eyes only! I would never be brave enough to do Mortified!. Unfortunately, it’s a really difficult hobby for me. When life gets busy it’s the first… Read More

Away We Go! Memorial Day Trip to NC

Hello Everybody! Hope you’re feeling fine on this Memorial Day weekend. Today I shared a Dip-Dye Art Journal over in Projects/Tutorials. Do you keep a journal? Do you dip-dye? Luke and I are off to explore our soon to be new home Durham, NC. Ahhh! It’s really happening! Wish us luck on our housing search,… Read More

Inspiration in Nature: Into the Woods

Spring has finally arrived here in Providence, and it is beautiful! After being cooped up all winter (under piles and piles of snow) its time to get outside. There’s nothing like a change in the season to shake things up. The first warm weekend here we joined a friend on a visit to a local… Read More

Living Room – Dances

Anna, here! I use this area of my living room to choreograph. I love the ritual of opening up the floor by rolling up the rug. Feeling the wooden boards beneath my feet and looking out the window seeing the trees across the way. The mirror is helpful and it is nice be surrounded by… Read More

Hollow Secret Book

Who doesn’t love a secret hiding place? Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the mystery and magic of the idea. A place to hide your secrets, your stash, your special memories. Plus, you get to be sneaky! I am a bit of a sentimental hoarder and have quite a few memory boxes filled… Read More