Try something NEW today!

Over the last two weeks we posted a few different ways to get yourself out of creative rut. Collaboration with others, and working with limitations. Keeping on that train, a really easy way to stretch your creative habits is to TRY SOMETHING NEW! Duh, right? It’s a common sense, simple, and accessible option. But really,… Read More

Art for the Long Haul

Today is our wedding anniversary and love is in the air! In honor of the day we thought we’d share some projects that—like this partnership—are in it for the LONG haul. The only project Luke and I have that is ongoing (besides Rabble & Twine, the biggest project of them all) are photo books of… Read More

Embracing Limitation

After sharing last weeks post on collaboration, I’ve been thinking about other ways to get oneself out of a creative rut. It sucks to feel stuck. If I’m choreographing and hit a road block, or I’m just not feeling that inspired, one of my go to – JUST MAKE SOMETHING ALREADY – tools is to… Read More

Tomatoes Three Ways

Dare I say it? Summer is all about the tomato! There is nothing better than a tomato fresh off the garden vine. That smell, that taste, those colors! Oh la la it’s a sensory experience to be had. We’ve loved seeing all the different tomato varieties at the Durham Farmer’s Market (they even had a… Read More


Today, I thought I’d share a few general thoughts on collaboration. One of our hopes for the future of Rabble & Twine is to use collaboration as a tool to build an innovative creative community. I may be beating a dead horse here (grossest saying ever?) since it seems like everything has already been written… Read More

Abstract Watercolor Prints

Recently, Luke and I were talking about ART/CREATIVITY being about the doing and not about the final product. It’s all about the creative process, baby! For me, nothing embodies this idea at a basic level more than a good old fashioned coloring session. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably caught onto the… Read More

An Interview With: Michelle Kicherer

Michelle and I first became friends while working at a school in California. Ya know how the universe sometimes connects you with people you were meant to meet? Thanks universe for bringing me Michelle. We quickly bonded over our shared sense of humor and quirky imaginations. Michelle and I have cleaned out a pantry filled… Read More

NC or Bust!

Hello Dear Readers, Greetings from beautiful NC! Many miles traveled, many boxes left to unpack – we made it! It is not even real that we live here! Since we’ve been so busy packing/unpacking and preparing to move/actually moving things have been light on the blog side of life lately. Fear not! Now that we’re… Read More

Larkspur – Full Circle – Part Two

If you saw last week’s post, you learned about the original ideas for Larkspur’s final project “Full Circle.” Over the weekend we had our video shoot. It was an amazing day! Luke and I can’t wait to start putting the final cut together. Unfortunately, with all the packing/moving/real life stuff we’ve got going on we’ve… Read More

Larkspur – Full Circle – Part One

I am finishing up my last project with Larkspur before the big move. A dance film! I am psyched about this ambitious undertaking. The shoot date approaching signifies the of the end of Larkspur as we know it. Our relationships are transforming once again. I think the sentimentality of this transformation is embodied in the… Read More