Rabble & Twine creative collective is an organization founded on the idea that art is for everyone, and everyone is an artist. We believe that freedom of expression is crucial to the development of strong communities and individual spirits. Our goal is to encourage meaningful collaboration in the local arts scene through performance opportunities, classes/workshops and unique community events.


Community Building

We believe that art and creativity is a unifying force that strengthens communities, and that a vibrant arts scene makes our part of the world a better place. We hope to become a cheerleader, partner and creative hub for local artists.


Rabble & Twine is dedicated to making art with others. We celebrate and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration — across the full performative, visual, and creative arts — as a way to form new connections and unique experiences.


Rabble & Twine is founded on respect beyond measure and giving people a voice. Everyone should have a space to feel safe to develop and explore their creative potential, regardless of if they consider themselves a proper ‘Artist’.

Experimentation and Innovation

We celebrate creativity with sense of play. Rabble & Twine is a place to try something new, to improvise, experiment, and play, while embracing mistakes and weird results as entertaining steps in the creative process.


Rabble & Twine is the brainchild of husband and wife dynamic duo Luke Selden and Anna Seagrave, a musician/video artist and dancer/choreographer. We know from experience that a lifestyle imbued with creativity is a fulfilling life. We are at our happiest and most fulfilled when we’re immersed in creative projects and for us, Rabble & Twine is the biggest creative project of them all! Our interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and DIY culture started the dream of starting a creative collective. We are ALL about creative innovation and living with a sense of adventure! Artistic experimentation molded our view on what creative collaboration can be and the endless possibilities it holds. Our hope is to convince others that this phenomena can work for them as well!

After receiving MFAs from Mills College where we met and fell in love, we spent years immersed in the bay area arts scene, followed by some time in the northeast. Our gypsy souls and wandering feet started telling us that it was time to travel and try a new place. We are fans of the New Sincerity and going with your gut – owning who you are – doing what you want – creating the life you want! Many of our big life decisions have come from following our intuition it has never led us astray. And so our path leads to Durham, NC.

We fully believe that art and inspiration are better when shared! Creativity is good for everyone and has the unique ability to bind a community together. Art can be a catalyst for positive growth in society. Through workshops, performances, classes and events we hope to engage folks in the triangle area and celebrate the unique vibe of Durham. We want to celebrate the full spectrum of the arts and the full spectrum of people in our new home. Encourage people to follow their passions or develop a new one! Be bold – take a risk – have an adventure – MAKE ART!

About Us

Anna Seagrave

Anna Seagrave

Hi Everyone! I’m Anna – a choreographer/dancer/creative seeker/DIY enthusiast.

I grew up in southern Massachusetts, the middle child of a creative family. I’ve been an art kid from the start. I followed my older sister, Sarah into dance class at the age of three and have been dancing ever since, with a healthy dose of community art classes and theatre productions along the way. I went on to study Dance at Springfield College, with minors in Theatre Arts and Health Studies. There I started learning the ins and outs of running a creative business as an intern for a local dance company. I continued my studies and arts administration experience across the country at Mills College, where I got my MFA in Dance with an emphasis in Choreography. Mills is where I met Luke, we fell in love, and the idea of starting a creative collective together was born!

Since then I’ve worked continuously as a dance teacher, along with a stint as an events coordinator at an alternative school in California. Upon my return to Rhode Island I fulfilled a long-term dream of mine, reuniting with dancers from my past to form a contemporary dance company. The result, Larkspur Dance Company, is a vehicle to explore my interests in site-specific works, the role of women in dance, and gestures that tell a story.

I believe in the transformative power of curiosity and creative exploration. Going with your gut and living with a sense of adventure! I can’t wait to connect with a new community and see what the future of Rabble & Twine has in store.

Other things you should know:

  • I love skeletons.
  • I always feel rejuvenated and inspired when I’m near the ocean.
  • Luke and I have a cat named Edie. We’re crazy cat lovin’ people.
Luke Selden

Luke Selden

Hi folks! My name’s Luke Selden, and I like to dabble in folk music, dance music, improvisation, live video and creative coding.

I grew up a computer nerd/band geek in southeast Virginia 15 miles from the North Carolina border, listening to Weezer and writing videogame-inspired music while playing tuba and singing in the glee choir. While a student at UNC-Chapel Hill my musical tastes became much more eclectic, mispronouncing song titles left and right as a DJ at WXYC and seeing many a show at Cat’s Cradle, Nightlight, and the Hey Mom! Film Festival. From there I headed to California and spent a number of years immersed in the Bay Area experimental arts scene, playing bass, banjo and ukulele and performing live visuals. I received a MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College (in Oakland, CA), where my interest in interdisciplinary collaboration led me to meet my now-wife Anna. Since then I’ve worked as a recording engineer, videographer, tech supporter and web programmer.

I’ve visited 42 of the 50 states and lived on both sides of the country, but—despite being born in Virginia—I’ve always considered myself a North Carolinian at heart. Anna and I had our wedding in the outer banks, I’m a UNC alum, and my folks are from central NC. From the Black Mountain College to the Ocracoke folk festival there’s something deeply satisfying about the artistic undercurrents in North Carolina, and I can’t wait to join the community.

Other things you should know:

  • I make booty music/electro pop under the pseudonym “Sexy Ultimatum
  • My favorite dinosaur is still the brontosaur, even though it’s not real
  • Anna and I are vegetarian, and I get super excited any time I find veggie-friendly BBQ on the menu