Put A Bird On It

The last weekend in April was the Durham Art Walk! Obviously, community art events are right up our alley so we jumped at the chance to get involved. It just so happened that Prompts, a community art series we’ve performed with before, was holding a special event just for the art walk. Prompts on a… Read More

An Interview With: Sarah Seagrave

It’s one of our key beliefs here at Rabble & Twine that art and art-making are good for workin’ your shit out the soul. Obviously, we know this from personal experience, but HEY why not ask an expert? Lucky for me, I just so happen to have one in my family! My super smart, gorgeous,… Read More

Year in Review – R&T is ONE!

Hello Hello strangers! Holy guacamole! This week marks the one year anniversary of this lil old blog here. Happy blog birthday R&T! It’s been a while since we posted. What can I say? We fell hard into hibernation mode as winter flew past and 2016 lost some of it’s sparkly new year shine. We needed… Read More

New Life / an inanimate hug – a playlist

HELLO! Spring has sprung and new things are on the horizon. We’ve got plans in the works and we’re jumping back on this writing/sharing/art making train! So we figured it might be time to embrace our inner creativity cheerleader once again and encourage everyone to jump back in with us. Who doesn’t want a small… Read More


Mugs for all occasions! Mugs to match your mood! Mugs galore! Coffee mugs are our sole sanctioned hoarding passion. We’ve started a collection of weird state mugs and we’re on the quest to get all 50. Yes, we’re those people hunting thrift stores and garage sales on the look out for strange tourist mugs. Did… Read More

Featured Project: Operator by Sam Barnett

Update! Sam managed to reach his goal! Episode 2 has been funded. We can’t wait to see the result Making a chair takes time. And wood. And nails. Somebody’s got to front the $$$ before you plop your keister on down and turn on the tv. But what about what you watch? Sometimes we forget… Read More

Happy New Year! Artistic Resolutions for 2016

Happy 2016! As we enter into a fresh and shiny new year, we figured why not jump on the resolution bandwagon! Usually, Luke and I aren’t big New Year’s resolution people. I don’t think you should need a new year to roll around to make a resolution. Why wait till your calendar runs out of… Read More

A performance of Surrender

Last Friday marked our first performance out in the world since moving to NC! We were one of the groups who presented a work at Prompts, a community art event organized by Justin Tornow/COMPANY and hosted by The Carrack. How the show works: The prompt is announced and you’re given a month to work on… Read More

Winter Art

Hello and Happy December! With the Winter Solstice approaching we decided to share some of our favorite examples of winter artwork to ring in the new season! Even though December is crazy and the holidays make us rush around with stress like headless chickens after the holiday storm the new year brings with it a… Read More

Make It Monday – Branch Art Installation

Boom! Blast from the past: we’re bringing back a Make it Monday feature this week! We’re sharing a little something we made for our walls. WHAT WE MADE WHY WE MADE IT Ever since we moved into our NC house Luke and I have been struck by just how beige the walls are in here.… Read More